High quality saddle with excellent grip, designed especially for Cross Country riders. We recommend this product to show jumpers looking for a closer contact with the horse too. Blocks are available in three versions: small (standard), medium or big.

Technical features
DisciplineCross Country Jump
Seat - depthHalf deep
FlapSingle flap
PanelsFlocked free X-Technology Latex free
LeatherLined (calfskin)
Seat - size17" - 18"
Seat - width25
Withers sizeda 29 a 37
Flaps - projectionsS, M, L, XL
Flaps - shortened -2 cmSC, MC, LC, XLC
Flaps - shortened -4 cmSCX, MCX, LXC, XLCX
Flaps - extended +2 cmSL, ML, LL, LXL
ColorĀ london/black
Weight5,5 Kg