Leather care kit 4P017


This practical, modern kit is designed to help care for and maintain the leather of Renaissance saddles. The Renaissance Leather Care Kit includes Renaissance-brand saddle soap, conditioning oil and balm. These high-quality products help keep leather in excellent condition and protect it from wear and tear. The kit also includes three sponges to facilitate the proper application of the products. The Renaissance Leather Care Kit was created for anyone who wants to get to know our products better, or just take good care of their saddle with specially-made products that have been designed for the types of leather used on Renaissance saddles. This is why Prestige Italia is offering this free kit to all new customers who purchase a Renaissance saddle. To get your kit, all you have to do is register your guarantee on the website as proof of purchase.

L’astuccio del Leather Care Kit è un prodotto R-PET, green ed ecosostenibile. Si tratta di una produzione basata sul riciclo della plastica utilizzando materiali innovativi, biodegradabili o compostabili. In più, oltre ad esser prodotto con un materiale eco-friendly, l’astuccio può essere riutilizzato per scopi diversi, offrendogli una nuova vita e garantendo un approccio più sostenibile.

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