Our saddles

Our tree

In line with French tradition, our tree is characterised by a very flat seat, enabling the rider to achieve closer contact with the horse. Material quality is the same as for Prestige Italia saddles: a special blend of synthetic fibres which offers numerous advantages compared to a traditional wooden tree:

  • tree shape remains stable over time, because it is not deformed by humidity.
  • it weighs at least 1 kg less and does not require metal reinforcements;
  • The tree is also adjustable, indeed the opening can be widened or narrowed according to the horse's morphology, especially during growth or muscle development.

These characteristics make us the only Company to provide Customers with a lifetime warranty for trees, except for in case of accident.

Our panels

There are two types of French tradition panels: flocked or latex.

Renaissance flocked panels are hand-stuffed by our artisans. They combine a synthetic Dacron fibre flocking with an elastic honeycomb membrane cover and a layer of soft rubber. This product offers freedom of movement for the horse, preventing the rider from excessively weighing down on the whithers when airborne during jumping. These panels are versatile because they can be re-flocked when required.

Renaissance latex panels feature a polyurethane stuffing which do not compress or require modification over time.

Flocked panels from the Renaissance range are available in the following options: non-integrated (LT), integrated (LI), lower on rear part (PF), standard (PM), +1 cm on rear part (PT1), +2 cm on rear part (PT2), +1 cm on entire surface (PTE).

Latex panels from the Renaissance range are available in the following options: standard (PM), +1 cm on rear part (PT1).

Flap sizes

Flaps are an essential part of the saddle. We design them with the utmost attention to rider anatomy and according to discipline. Flaps are available in longer or shorter projections, fitted according to rider anatomy.