Our saddles

Balance and close contact. A Renaissance saddle is essential and elegant, a product the embodies the French Tradition known for the minimal and refined design. Only the best materials are selected to guarantee the highest qualitative standards and to satisfy the most demanding riders. The final product is a unique saddle with a great look and amazing to the touch. Renaissance is synonymous of exclusivity and high sport performances: the ideal choice for the professional riders.

Our tree

Prestige Italia has been synonymous of innovation since the beginning of its history, when it developed a total brand-new tree in a synthetic fiber. This attitude has been kept and renewed throughout the years, thanks to the continuous improvement on the trees’ development.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Prestige Italia is the only company that provides a lifetime warranty on the tree and the stirrup bars, except for accidents.
  • RESISTANT: an advantage of a synthetic fibre tree is that it doesn’t change over time, because it is not deformed by humidity.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: it does not require any metal reinforcements diffently from the wooden trees.
  • INNOVATIVE: composed by a pioneering mix of synthetic fibres. A cutting-edge solution to design a product adapted to the morphology of the horse and to the comfort of the rider.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: the tree width can be widened or narrowed according to the horse’s muscle development.
  • QUALITY CONTROLLED: every tree undergoes a quality monitoring process: a stress test to detect any faults within a given batch as well as to grant a uniformity of the products and an absolute repeatability of the shapes.

Our panels

The panels come in two types: in latex or flocked.

The Renaissance panels in latex have a polyurethane flocking that prevents compacting and does not require modifications over time. A more recent version are the “Renaissance Sublime” panels, available only in the new Renaissance T K saddle in the latex version and not integrated. They have a wider surface than other panels on the market, they are able to offer an excellent fit and an even weight distribution on the horse’s back.

The Renaissance flocked panels combine the Dacron fibre flocking with a covering made up of a honeycomb elastic membrane and a layer of soft rubber. These are hand filled by our craftsmen. They are versatile panels because new flocking can be provided when needed.

Our Flaps

The flaps are a very important part of the saddle. They are designed with attention to the rider’s build and the discipline the rider has chosen to practice. Depending on the request, the flaps can be longer or shorter and more or less projected.