Our philosophy

French saddlery tradition meets technological innovation.

Renaissance is a contemporary interpretation combining the invaluable experience of Prestige Italia with that of one of the most famous French saddlers. An élite product for demanding riders, characterised by French taste in terms of shape and materials, entirely made in Italy.

The name Renaissance reflects a desire to confer a specific connotation upon this project, classic in its method and innovative in its production.

Classic, because it is steeped in the tradition and artisan experience of a French saddler, resulting in a high-end product.

Innovative, because it draws inspiration from Prestige Italia's expertise and presents itself as a forward-looking technological approach.

The Renaissance is the historic period which best expresses this project's core values: a time when a revival of classical studies provided new life blood for cultural development and progress.

Today we feel we are the protagonists of a Rebirth of French style in riding, thanks to our modern interpretation. We were inspired by the spirit of King Francis I of Valois, a pioneer of the Renaissance in France, which is why we decided to integrate his initial into our logotype.