Our materials

Materials used for Renaissance are elegant and refined, developed according to the French taste of our very own "Renaissance".

Keywords: classic simplicity

Each Renaissance saddle exudes a French soul, which is why materials used in their creation embody delicacy and simplicity.

The leather we use is produced by an artisan in strict compliance with ancient tannery techniques passed down from generation to generation. Our fine and exceptionally beautiful leather is made exclusively from free range calves. It undergoes a slow tanning process during which leather is placed in a cavity in the ground, in contact with oak tannins.

The delicateness of brown nuances

Renaissance is a delicate and sweet-tasting word which conjures up images of France and its stables immersed in meadows, just waiting to be discovered. The product exudes a sheer French essence in all its characteristics: it is elegant and refined, almost austere. We have selected brown for this range, a colour which symbolises French tradition, a distinctive feature of rebirth.